At O’Brien Learning solutions, we understand the impact that change has on the people within the organisation. Our aim is to provide businesses with the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate successful change.



Denise founded O’Brien Learning Solutions in 2016. Prior to that Denise spent almost 20 years working solely with renowned multi-nationals and Fortune 500 companies, such as General Electric, Wipro Ireland, Lloyds Banking Group, Halifax Bank and St. Andrew’s Group.

Denise formed O’Brien Learning Solutions primarily to support organisations and people who want to excel, particularly during periods of change.  Denise is a native of Shannon, Co. Clare and is the proud mother to her adult daughter Eva. In her spare time, Denise has a curiosity and a fascination with human behaviour, and for continuous learning and self-improvement. Denise understands the human impact of change on teams, individuals and organisations as a whole.  The business therefore is focused on helping individuals and organisations to thrive, especially during times of change.

Denise believes that how an organisation approaches strategic change has far reaching consequences on future sustainability, employee engagement, staff retention and on performance levels across the board.


Denise has supported the organisational change agenda at multiple points throughout her career. Having had the opportunity to support projects relating to exponential growth, acquisitions, mergers and downsizing, Denise understands the impact of strategic change on an organisation’s performance.  

Having held various leadership roles across many aspects of the operation including management development, operations management, process improvement and change integration, Denise has had many opportunities to apply her learning and development foundations to real life and everyday operational challenges.

Denise has been fortunate to hold key roles in award-winning training and development teams during her career.   This allowed Denise to witness first-hand the benefits of creating a culture of learning, growth and continuous improvement from grass roots level upwards.  An ardent change advocate and skilled executive coach, Denise is an experienced facilitator with a true passion for bringing out the best  in the teams and people with whom she works.


Marketing Graduateship

Marketing Institute of Ireland

Executive & Life Coach Diploma

Positive Success Group

Accredited Practitioner

Accredited Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Lean Six Sigma Practitioner (Green Belt).

Certified Coach

Certified mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach

Certified Teacher

Certified ‘You can Heal Your Life’ (Louise Hay Metaphysical Philosophies) Teacher

Currently Studying

 ICF accreditation / ACC level


While introducing a change programme within the department as part of our HR strategy, Denise acted as a facilitator of change. With her support, we created of an inclusive process, leading to many successful outcomes. Through her facilitation, presentation and change management skills, Denise put the stakeholder team at ease and gathered valuable input throughout. This allowed us to tailor our offerings to the needs of the organisation and to introduce programmes which will make a difference at individual and team level.

Paul Malone, Head of HRDepartment of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

I did some coaching work with Denise. I found it really helpful as I was undergoing some professional changes at work at the time. Denise has a unique way of approaching change and breaking the transition into simple and practical steps. I highly recommend her services for anyone who needs professional coaching or who may be embarking on big changes in their lives, whether personal or professional.

Organistional Change Client

We invited Denise to work with our Team Leaders to help develop their ongoing training in the areas of self-development and objection handling. Her easy and straight forward approach helps the trainee to identify a logical path to any given situation which allows them to remove the noise. This programme was a great start to our ongoing Performance Management process and benefited our team greatly by providing them with the additional tools to support their individual teams. Denise is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Deirdre KerinBusiness Manager, Arise


At O’Brien Learning Solutions, we are passionate about the engagement of employees during periods of change.  Allow us to help you to harness the most integral factor in your organsiation’s success when it comes to implementing change – your teams and your people.